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Market Yourself

Win Paid Ned Work

After a successful Executive Career, becoming a NED sounds easy. Just sign up for a database and watch the work roll in? Wrong!

The reality is….It’s really hard to win paid work with successful clients!

  • It’s tough on your own
  • The market is fragmented
  • Some clients need educating
  • GenX want more value and faster service
  • And closer, trusted relationships
  • And often don’t have a clear reason to act

Want to know why successful people like you fail to win assignments?

  • Positioning
  • Marketing
  • Mindset

Take Mike, who transitioned to a successful NED career by doing these things:

  • Developed clear USP and market position
  • Identified key network and events opportunities
  • Undertook Brilliant Marketing

You’re not alone! Making the transition to a NED career is hard…but worth it! Take these people…

Aspiring new Non-Exec looking to win first assignment

Harry is 48 and has recently sold a £4m per year telephone Customer Service Company. He’s consulted on a couple of ventures since and likes the idea of NED roles. He used a NED when selling his business and knows the value they can bring. He has good business acumen. He’s great strategically and with vision, but a little light on the numbers. He knows great marketing will help him stand out as a new NED and wants a NED Go To Market Plan.

Possible Drivers: Contribution, curiosity, significance, growth

Strengths: Client appeal, marketing and strategy savvy, vision

Development: Numbers review, learning from a NED, marketing as a new NED

Existing Non-Exec with little online and offline presence

Michael is 57 and married. He has built and sold two SMEs and has been involved at executive level in large companies. He is very strong with operations, finance, governance, markets and business models. He is a good ear to both young, dynamic, marketing and tech savvy entrepreneurs and more established CEO’s.

Michael hasn’t been great at marketing himself in person or online over the last 5 years, and therefore relies on an ageing network to win work, which is in danger of drying up. Michael knows that, with the right marketing and USP, clients will be able to see his skills and experience, and he will win more work. He just doesn’t know where to begin with it all and wants help with a NED Go To Market Plan.

Possible Drivers:  Opportunities, relevance, career certainty, family

Strengths:  Ability, experience, respect

Development:  Marketing and online and offline presence

Successful Executive looking to add non-executive assignments

Sally is 50 and the CEO of a successful £30m+ furniture design company. She bought it when revenues were just £1m. She is a former investment banker. She is very smart and growth minded. She is intellectually curious and wants NED roles to develop her breadth of understanding. Her problem is time. She knows what she needs to do, but wants a partner to help with positioning, marketing and networking opportunities so that she can show up and deliver value.

Possible Drivers:  Growth, Contribution, Significance

Strengths:  Able, growth-minded, experienced, relevant

Development:  Marketing

But…don’t panic. With the right positioning and marketing, anything is possible.

Take some of our recent NEDs who have won paid assignments

  • Chris, who became a NED for the operating partner division of a successful law firm and Chairman of a successful EdTech company
  • David, who became the Chairman of a privately owned Environmental Consultancy
  • Alastair, who became Chairman of a Thought Leadership and Advertising Consultancy

So why trust Ford Hastings?

  • 20+ years of working with Executive and Non-Executive Directors like you
  • First class reputation in the market
  • Brilliant marketing team to help you win paid assignments
  • Incredible team of established NEDs to help you make the transition

So, What’s The Plan?

  • Position Yourself
  • Market Yourself (with a plan!)
  • Win More Paid New Work

If you implement this, you will win paid work. So what are you waiting for? We challenge you to get started with NED Go To Market now.

Why does this work?

  • We take your experience and position you in the market so clients see the value you can bring
  • We give you access to our most successful NEDs, who will help you make the lucrative transition
  • We create a brilliant marketing plan so that you get more opportunities to win paid work
  • We’ve been working with successful NED’s and Executives like you for 20+ years

Who Isn’t This For?

  • Already successful NED’s with a steady flow of work
  • Existing executives who like the idea of a NED career but don’t yet have the experience to be successful in one
  • NED’s that want paid assigments but aren’t able or willing to put in the work on their positioning and marketing

What’s The Result?


GTM Discovery
GTM Discovery


Preparation Assessment
Career Review
Legal, Compliance, Remuneration
Developing a Non-Exec CV


Developing Your UVP
Key Recruiters Introductions
NED Website Registration
LinkedIn Profile Development
Personal Network Outreach
Clubs and Events to join
Facebook Group


Identifying Client Culture Fit
NED Case Studies
Client Acceptance Agreements
Market Intelligence
Review – 3, 6, 9 months




Finance 101 (optional)
Operations 101 (optional)
People 101 (optional)
Portfolio Career Mindset
Client Interview Training Day



Personal Brand Creation
2 Minute Video Intro Pitch



GTM Expert
GTM Expert



Practical Training with NED
Leadership Assessment



Podcast Video Interview
Personal website
Video Training & Info Hub



If you implement this, you will win paid work. So what are you waiting for? We challenge you to get started with NED GTM now.