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Building Community Through Authenticity 

Alexandra Galviz (Authentic Alex) is LinkedIn’s Top Voice in the UK for both 2017 and 2018. She developed a platform on LinkedIn by being one of the first people to talk openly and honestly about the effects that chasing corporate and material success can cause on our mental health.

She created LinkedIn Local to encourage LinkedIn connections to meet offline through hosted events. It grew from 4 people in 4 countries in 4 cities into 80 countries, 600 cities and 1,000 hosts in under 18 months.

She has subsequently launched and is the CMO of LocalX, a Community Consulting, Accelerator and Technology Company.

From Alexandra Galviz:

“A little about me… In 2016 I had a quarter-life crisis (yes that’s an actual thing and if it’s not I’m officially making it one). So after 4.5 years of climbing my way furiously up the career ladder into a management position by the time I was 24, I decided to take a short break from the corporate underworld that turned into full-blown retirement at the ripe old age of 25. I swiftly proceeded to backpack solo through Sri Lanka, Nepal and India for 6 weeks, some say to find myself (Eat, Pray, Love style), I’d say just for the Eat part.

By day I teach people and businesses how to get noticed on LinkedIn, grow their brand and leverage the platform to achieve their goals. In between I work with students and graduates, upskilling them via workshops, public speaking gigs and mentoring them into the workforce. By night I turn into a LinkedIn blogger posting my thoughts on my successes and setbacks I’ve overcome as a student, graduate, young professional, self-confessed introvert and now as a solopreneur in all its raw glory under the hashtag #AuthenticAlex.”

Alexandra Galviz (Authentic Alex)

In This Episode, We Cover:

  • Alex Galviz an authentic life
  • What makes a person coachable?
  • Growing online communities to worldwide movements
  • Courage and impostor syndrome
  • The contributing factors to the workplace mental health epidemic
  • The misconception regarding introverts and extroverts
  • And much more!

Please enjoy this episode with Alexandra Galviz!

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Selected Links From The Episode

Selected People From The Episode

  • Alexandra Galviz — Podcast guest, Founder and CMO at LocalX, Founder of LinkedInLocal
  • Brené Brown — a research professor at the University of Houston; studying courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy. Author of 5 New York Times bestselling books
  • Susan Cain — Author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. Wife. Mother. Chocolate eater.
  • Russell Brand — Comedian and host of the ‘Under The Skin’ Podcast
  • Chip Conley — Hotelier. Author. SocialAlchemist. Disruptor. Student. Sage. Modern Elder.

Selected Show Notes

  • The joy and usefulness of making things as a kid — [4:45]
  • Alexandra Galviz gives some background on her career to date — [1:40]
  • Alexandra’s definition of success — living an authentic life — [6:40]
  • The importance of developing yourself whilst helping others — [8:30]
  • Finding mentors in different places and for different timescales — [10:00]
  • What makes a person coachable? — [10:45]
  • Founding and growing LinkedIn Local to a global initiative — [13:00]
  • The masks we wear in life and the potential negative impact on our mental health — [23:00]
  • Signal vs Noise on LinkedIn and to be authentic you need to be authentic — [28:30]
  • What makes a good communicator? What are the pitfalls of communication? — [34:15]
  • Advice to corporations on integrating new graduates into the world of work — [37:40]
  • How to help people in the workplace — [39:30]
  • How Alexandra Galviz summoned the courage to post authentically on LinkedIn for the first time — [43:00]
  • On the fear of being ‘seen’ online and impostor syndrome — [47:30]
  • Contributors to the mental health epidemic — [50:40]
  • On effective therapy when struggling with mental health in the workplace — [53:40]
  • Mental Health in work — [56:20]
  • Who Alex Galviz would speak to for an hour if she could talk to anyone — [1:03:27]
  • Vulnerability and fear — [1:05:35]
  • On the misconception regarding introverts and extroverts — [1:07:40]
  • What themes Alexandra hopes to cover in the next 10 years — [1:15:20]
  • Advice Alex would give to herself 5 years ago — [1:17:20]
  • Contact details for Alexandra — [1:19:30]

Please enjoy this episode with Alex!

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