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The importance of having and communicating a vision in your business

Mark Kirby is an enthusiastic individual who loves creating and developing successful Customer Experience based businesses. His successes have included Go Response and Cart Assist.

Mark Founded Go Response in October 2003 and sold to Direct Response Call Centre Group in September 2016. GoResponse provides high quality 24/7 outsourced sales and customer services. Providing traditional inbound and outbound telephone support social media & live chat services, ensuring that businesses have key touch points that their customers demand. Mark remains a shareholder and Board Member of the DRCCG.

He is also the founder of Sus4 Sessions, a live music events company that supports independent artists and helps them showcase their art at enchanting and interesting locations.

Mark Kirby

In This Episode, We Cover:

  • The importance of beginner’s mind
  • Mark Kirby on the franchise business model and learning negotiation skills
  • Dealing with nepotism and people 20 years older than you
  • The importance of continuous learning
  • The importance of having and communicating a vision in your business
  • And much, much more

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Selected Show Notes

  • The beginning of Mark’s career history in TV production and scheduling — [1:00]
  • The importance of naivete / beginner’s mind — [8:00]
  • Mark Kirby’s move into franchising — [14:00]
  • Setting up ‘Go Marketing’ and learning on the job — [20:20]
  • Getting the confidence to set up a business and the only 3 things you need to set up a business — [22:18]
  • The reality and frequency of business and project failures — [24:50]
  • Setting up his main company, ‘Go Response’ — [26:00]
  • Overcoming a failure in Go Response — setting up an overseas multilingual service — [31:00]
  • Navigating the 2008 economic recession — [37:00]
  • Reinventing the company vision and communicating it to stakeholders — the digital call centre — [40:00]
  • The problem with awards — [43:15]
  • As an owner manager of a business, what is your personal objective in life and how is the business going to generate that for you? — [50:00]
  • E-Myth Consulting on your business — [51:00]
  • On the importance of vision in a business and who that should be communicated to. The importance of updating and communicating that over time — [53:00]
  • Being authentic inside and outside the workplace. Communicating honestly with your workforce — [57:00]
  • How to run your business whilst going through the stress of a company sale. Preparing for an exit. — [59:30]
  • On dealing with a company sale that fell through at the last minute (personally, staff etc) — [1:5:00]
  • Would Mark do anything differently if he had to go through the company sale process again? — [1:9:30]
  • The importance of having an impartial adviser (NED) during the sale process and a personal adviser to relay your thoughts to — [1:13:40]
  • Coping strategies through the stress of a company sale — [1:16:00]
  • What to do after a company sale — having new purposes — [1:17:50]
  • Mark’s definition of leadership and the role of leaders in business — [1:20:40]
  • Mark on seeing leadership in the everyday person — [1:25:30]
  • Books and films that have impacted Mark’s life — [1:27:20]
  • The advice Mark would give to himself 20 years ago — [1:28:45]
  • What does Mark hope to achieve in the next 10 years — [1:32:15]

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