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How To Bootstrap Your Business To Success

Rory-Curnock Cook is an education entrepreneur, speaker, and mentor.

He is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Profs, an award-winning educational consultancy focusing on higher and professional education, and leaders in online education and e-learning.

Enjoying a year-on-year growth rate of >100% three years in a row, The Profs is now branching out into EdTech, Global Online Tuition and Professional Consultancy.

Rory Curnock Cook

In This Episode, We Cover:

  • Building The Profs as a bootstrapped start-up
  • Start-Up Marketing, testing and Guerilla Marketing
  • Building EdTech Products
  • Addressing poor student mental health through The Profs and partnering with universities
  • How Rory Curnock-Cook stays balanced whilst building a company
  • Advice Rory would give himself 5 years ago
  • Future hopes and dreams
  • And much more!

Please enjoy this episode with Rory!

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Selected Show Notes:

  • How Rory Curnock-Cook first got involved in the profs with his friend Richard [2:31]
  • Rory explains how the only money that had to work on the business was £500 for a website [5:46]
  • An overview of the profs original revenue model [8:36]
  • What did Rory find harder, on-boarding tutors or students? And how did he maintain the tutor quality (the importance of field-testing)? [12:04]
  • Marketing The Profs in the early stages — multiple testing and guerrilla marketing [14:46]
  • Early stage marketing  and  forcing yourself out of the building and talking to prospective customers [16:06]
  • The importance of putting advice into practice to learn and adapt as quickly as possible [19:31]
  • Where The Profs is today [23:54]
  • The main operational challenges of running The Profs today [25:06]
  • Rory’s thoughts on the current state and future of education [29:26]
  • His hopes for The Profs in the next 5 years [33:06]
  • Student mental health and how The Profs are trying to help [34:21]
  • Mechanisms to stay balanced mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually whilst running a start-up [43:36]
  • Rory’s favourite book and film [49:16]
  • Who Rory would have a conversation with, past or present [51:35]
  • Advice Rory Curnock-Cook would give to himself 5 years ago (just before he set up The Profs) [52:36]
  • The Profs meeting hack to ensure you achieve outcomes [53:53]
  • People Rory looks up too [54:50]
  • What Rory hopes to achieve in the next 10 years [56:46]
  • Contact details for The Profs online tuition [58:12]

Please enjoy this episode with Rory!

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