Move The Needle — Podcast

The Ford Hastings Show — Podcast

Welcome to The Ford Hastings show, where we talk to entrepreneurs, non-executive directors, business leaders and more.

We dissect their careers, find out about their successes, failures, their habits, routines, tips and tricks and more. These shows are packed with practical wisdom and resources that you can apply to your business and life right away!

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July 2019 Update:

As of July 2019, The Ford Hastings Show has been re branded to ‘Move The Needle’ to better reflect the content in the show. Move The Needle is now available as video as well as audio only. Here is the blurb:

Welcome to Move The Needle by Ford Hastings. We talk to entrepreneurs, business leaders, sports people, coaches, psychologists and more. Our aim is to discover the practical, actionable steps that can help you Move The Needle in your Business, Performance, in your Health, in your Mindset.

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